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Flood Insurance

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Looking for coverage? Click the following links to receive a fast accurate quote from multiple Insurance Companies. Our comparative rater shops  your policy  with the Nations Top Insurance Companies to find you the lowest available price. 

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Self policy service any time of the day, directly from our website. To request a policy change on your account, click any of the following policy service options below.

Flood Insurance Information

Florida Flood Insurance

Florida Flood Insurance policies fl Did you know The highest ranked natural disaster in the United States according
 to FEMA, is flooding? The flood insurance professionals at Greene & Associates Insurance, in correlation with National  Flood Insurance Program, specialize in flood insurance for residents and businesses in Florida.

Our dedicated Flood Team will work with you to determine the Flood Zone for your Home or Business and explain ways that you may be able to lower your Cost of Flood Insurance. We can determine the correct amount of coverage for your property and provide options from multiple Flood Insurance Companies.

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flood insurance quotes in florida

Five Important Facts about
Florida Flood Insurance

  • Rising water (Flood Waters) is not covered under a standard homeowners policy
  • 25% of all Flood Insurance Claims come from low risk areas
  • Flood Insurance is mandatory in high risk areas with a mortgage 
  • There is a 30 day waiting period on all new flood insurance policies
  • Floods are the #1 disaster in the USA

There are 2 different Flood Insurance Policies available

  • Standard Florida Flood Insurance Policies
If you live in a community that participates in the NFIP, your building and its contents can be covered by a standard flood insurance policy. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was established by the Federal Government to help communities who “voluntarily participate in the NFIP by adopting and enforcing floodplain management ordinances to reduce future flood damage.” To be considered a flood, the waters must cover at least two acres or affect at least two properties. You must apply for building coverage and contents coverage separately if you choose to invest in a standard flood insurance policy.

  • Preferred Risk Flood Insurance In Florida
If your home or business is in a low or moderate risk zone, your building may qualify for a low-cost preferred risk policy. While you aren't required to purchase flood insurance in Florida for low-to-moderate risk areas, a preferred risk policy will protect your home and its contents if you are affected by a small flood or a larger flood that has extended into your low-risk area. In truth, many flood insurance claims occur in low-to-moderate risk areas.

All Properties in Florida Reside in a Flood Zone

Greene & Associates Insurance can provide you with a Florida Flood Insurance no matter if you own property on the Florida coast, near a river, lake or pond. Our Flood Insurance specialist can advise you on the correct coverage and the proper ways to reduce your Florida Flood Insurance Cost. We work with FEMA and the underwriters at the National Flood Insurance program to correctly rate, underwrite and issue your policy at the lowest available price. Don't wait until it is too late. Contact Greene & Associates Insurance to get you on the path to protection with an affordable and comprehensive FL flood insurance policy. 

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Flood Insurance options?
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Greene & Associates Insurance provides clients with Flood Insurance with locations servicing Lake City Fl, Jacksonville Fl, Gainesviille Fl,  Middleburg Fl,  and Orange Park, Fl
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